H.O.P.E. Inc.

Helping Open People's Eyes Inc.

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Linda Marlin, LCDC, CEO - All Locations

Misty Edwards, B.S., LCDC-Clinical Director - Ft. Worth and Arlington

Gary Norman, MS, LCDC, CRC- Counselor, Ft. Worth

Melinda Brooks, LCDC -  Counselor, Ft. Worth

Natalie Martinek, LCDC -Counselor, Ft. Worth

Cheryl Elizondo, Administrative Secretary, Ft. Worth

Godwin Bettis, M.A., LCDC, Counselor, Arlington

James Herrin, LCDC, Counselor, Arlington 

Sonya Andrews, Counselor, Arlington 

Martha Ruiz, Administative Secretary, Arlington  

Mona Waggoner, M.A., LCDC, Counselor, Hillsboro  

Royce Mitchell, Federal UA Collector and Federal Billing 

Lori-Carter Tracy, Federal UA Collector and Federal Billing

Diominique Jackson, Federal UA Collector
Christi Taylor, LMSW, LCDC - Clinical Director, Cleburne
Mary Craig, Administrative Secretary, Cleburne
Lillian Collins, LCDC, Counselor, Cleburne and Corsicana
Alexandria Bonner, LCDC, Counselor, Cleburne
Chancey Ruiz, LCDC, Counselor, Cleburne

Brooke Hughes, LCDC, Counselor, Cleburne
April Hampton, C.I., Counselor, Cleburne  
Heather Bransom, C.I., Counselor, Cleburne 


Where there's life there's hope!!!